Intelligence & National Security, Minor

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Minimum Total Credit Hours: 18

Minimum Upper-Division Hours: 9

Program Code: N577

  • The requirements for a minor must be completed concurrently with the major degree requirements.
  • No minor may be added by completing courses after receiving the bachelor’s degree.

At least six (6) credit hours must be earned in courses acceptable for residence credit by standards set forth by the College of Arts and Sciences, excluding transfer, correspondence, and examination (AP, CLEP, Advanced Standing) credit. Courses for the minor may not be taken Pass/No Pass.

Students must successfully complete at least 18 hours of coursework, including at least nine (9) hours at the upper-division level. Students must maintain a GPA ≥ 3.2 for Intelligence and National Security courses to satisfy the requirements for completing the minor.

No single course may be used by a student to satisfy a major requirement and a minor requirement. A course may be used, however, to satisfy both a major support requirement and a minor requirement.

Requests to substitute a minor requirement must be approved in writing by the Department of Political Science.

Required Courses

Required Courses
P SC 4873Tools of Statecraft3
P SC 4883Intelligence Analytics I3
P SC 4893Intelligence Analytics II3
Choose 9 hours from one of the following tracks:9
Total Credit Hours18
  • Minors in the College of Arts & Sciences are available to all undergraduate students at OU. If the minor is officially declared, successfully completed, and noted on the graduation application, the student’s transcript will so indicate at the time the bachelor’s degree is posted.
  • Approved February 2016

Technical Track COURSES

C S 4133Data Networks3
C S 4823Cryptography3
C S 5153Network Security3
ECE 4213Digital Signal Processing3
ECE 4623Computer Hardware Design3
ECE 4653Digital Radar Systems3
ECE 4663Radar Engineering3
ECE 4973Special Topics (Digital Image Processing)3
ECE 5563Computer and Communications Security3
ECE 5723Radar Signal Processing3
ECE 6973Advanced Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering3
GIS 2023Introduction to Spatial Thinking and Computer Mapping3
GIS 4013Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems3
GIS 4133Fundamentals of Remote Sensing3
PSY 3203Cognitive Psychology3
PSY 4243Decision Making and Problem Solving3

Substantive Knowledge Track COURSES

BSE 5333 (Introduction to Emerging Infections & Bioterrorism)
CPH 7013 (Fundamentals of Terrorism)
CPH 7323 (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear & Explosive Terrorism)
HIST 3953The Modern Middle East3
P SC 2503Global Politics3
P SC 3020Problems in American Government and Politics1-3
P SC 3090Special Topics (Intelligence & National Security)1-3
P SC 3523The History of Terrorism3
P SC 3533Contemporary Terrorism3
P SC 3550Topics in International Relations (Fundamentals of Terrorism)1-3
P SC 3653Government and Politics of Latin America3
P SC 3693Ethnicity, Energy, & Elections in Eurasia3
P SC 3990Independent Study (Intelligence & National Security)1-3
P SC 4833Intelligence Collection, Covert Action, and Politics3
P SC 4843Foreign Intelligence Services3
P SC 4853Ethics and Intelligence3
P SC 4863Strategic Intelligence Challenges3
P SC 4960Directed Readings (Intelligence & National Security)1-4
P SC 4990Independent Study (Intelligence & National Security)1-3
P SC 5123The Making of American Foreign Policy3
P SC 5553International Security3