Microbiology and Plant Biology Graduate Certificates

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Graduate Certificate in Microscopic Imaging & Technology

The Certificate Program in Microscopic Imaging and Technology is designed for graduate students with a strong interest in the investigation of using advanced imaging technology to characterize biological, materials and physical science specimens at a range of resolutions that can reach to a near atomic level. Students who may be interested in this certificate come from a wide range of interests (e.g., Biology, Microbiology, Plant Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Materials Sciences, Nanotechnology, Physics).  

The certificate requires 15 total credit hours. 12 hours (3 courses) consists of core microscopy coursework: MBIO 5364MBIO 5374, and MBIO 5394. All three courses are cross-listed and offered under BIOL and PBIO prefixes, as well as MBIO. For the final 3 credit hours, students will enroll in three hours of graduate research courses selected from an approved list maintained by the Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology.