Communication Doctoral Programs

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Doctor of Philosophy

Ph.D. students must complete a minimum of 96 hours of coursework beyond the baccalaureate degree. Ph.D. students must complete the following required hours: COMM 5003, COMM 5013, COMM 5313, COMM 6023 (6-9 hours), COMM 6314, COMM 5033 or COMM 5323, COMM 6980 (2-15 hours), and up to 30 hours of coursework transferred form a Masters degree. The Ph.D. student will have an advisory committee of no fewer than five, one of whom must be from outside the Communication Department. This committee may require courses other than the core courses for the student. The Report of the Advisory Conference should be approved and filed by the end of the student’s third semester of work. A General Examination preliminary to advancement to candidacy must be successfully completed. During candidacy, the student must complete an acceptable dissertation and the Final Oral Examination. Detailed policies can be found in the Department’s graduate document.